Bulletproof Plates

Sale price$300.00

When we set out to elevate standard weight plate design, three elements were most important: Innovation, Customization, and Durability. We’ve knocked all three out of the park, making the Bridge BUILT Bulletproof Plates the baddest weight plates on the planet.

Innovation: Constructed with 5 layers of precision, laser cut steel, and finished off with 2 layers of customized, polycarbonate plastic. The Bulletproof Plates are the first of their kind and here to stay!

Customization: Whatever design and color scheme you can dream up, the team at Bridge BUILT can bring to life. The only limit is your imagination! 

Durability: These plates have been put through the ringer with over 6 months of rigorous field testing. From any type of training exercise to intentional abuse – these plates cannot be broken. They are truly Bulletproof!