Our Story

Welder finishing the weld on base of Bridge BUILT rig

Bridge BUILT is a manufacturer based out of Cincinnati, Ohio that specializes in creating innovative and unique strength and conditioning equipment. With customers across the world, Bridge is on a mission to bring the highest quality equipment to those that are passionate about their training everywhere.

Bridge BUILT always stays true to three core values:

  1. Quality: Delivering the BEST equipment is our priority. No details are overlooked.
  2. Innovation: Design & create equipment that solves problems & our customers love
  3. Service: Provide a level of personalized service that is unmatched in our industry

Our Story

Being a lifelong athlete and division one college football player, Patryk Bielawski, the creator of Bridge BUILT, always had a passion for strength & conditioning. With that passion came a great appreciation for equipment and a desire to create something better. In November of 2012, Patryk got tired of saying, “they should make” and decided to start materializing his vision of better training equipment. In August of 2013, after delivering the first piece of equipment we created, Bridge BUILT was born.

Patryk Bielawski, Founder of Bridge BUILT

From that moment onward, Patryk desired to keep Bridge BUILT different by taking the extra step in the design process to ensure equipment is not only effective but also visually appealing.

In doing so, Bridge has adopted the practice of customer-first design — an idea that not all training equipment should be cookie-cutter, rather it should be designed to make a statement and reflect your own unique training style. 

Your gym. Your vision. Your choice.

Our Customers

Bridge BUILT has supplied both commercial and in-home gyms. Whether you are trying to maximize the floor space in your gym, get the best return for your investment, or have the highest quality training equipment - Bridge BUILT is for you.