Omni-Pulley System

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No room for a big stand alone cable system? No problem! Adding a pulley system to your existing 3x3" rig or rack system has never been this easy. 

Designed with ease of use and maximum versatility in mind, you can add a plethora of pulley exercises to your existing training setup in under a minute without the need of any additional space or tools.

This gives you the ability to seamlessly switch between exercises so you spend more time training and less time setting up. Let the gainz begin!

Quick Facts 

  • American BUILT 🇺🇸
  • Material: 3x3" tube along with ⅜ and  ¼” formed American plate steel
  • Hardware: Your choice between ⅝, ¾”, and 1"
  • Loading pins are yellow zinc plated
  • ¼ HDPE Liner on all interior surfaces
  • Precision machined acetal rollers with ball bearings
  • High quality aluminum pulley wheels with ball bearings
  • 6" Hole Spacing (Standard) 
  • Total Weight: 28lbs. (40lbs. with the lower option)
  • Weight Capacity: 450+lbs.
  • Plate Coaster Loadable Sleeve Length: 9” each side
  • Standard Color: Black (see other color options)
  • Compatible with all 3x3" 11 Gauge Rack & Rig systems.
  • No tools required for installation or removal
  • Patent Pending 

 What's Included?

  • 1 Bridge BUILT Upper Pulley with Cable, Carabiner & Selected Hardware
  • 1 Bridge BUILT Plate Coaster
  • 1 Bridge BUILT Lower Pulley with Cable, Carabiner & Selected Hardware (Optional)
  • 1 Pull Down Strap with Carabiner (Optional) 

*Please select 3/4" pin size for optimal compatibility with your Bridge BUILT rig or rack system.

*Please allow an additional 20-40 business days on top of our current lead times for all custom color orders.

*Some images include options and accessories that are not included with a base Omni-Pulley System.

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