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Deal or No Deal?

Deal or No Deal?

If you’ve reached out to Bridge BUILT asking about our next big sale or have been searching endlessly online for a discount code, you’re not alone. We’re often asked questions about pricing, and as always, we want to be honest and straight forward with our valued customers and supporters. What is Bridge BUILT’s stance on sales promotions and discounting?

  • We keep pricing consistent all year. We don’t do sales, online coupon codes, or discounts. 
  • We want all customers to be given the same experience and respect.
  • We use the highest quality materials and source everything possible within the U.S.A. 
  • We value our team, their families, and our community.
  • We want a strong, healthy business that will have sustained growth for years to come.

Read below to learn more — or Shop Now, if you’ve learned all you want to know.

We keep pricing consistent all year. 

We don’t do sales or offer discounts at Bridge BUILT for these reasons:

We value every customer and treat each with the same fairness and respect. 

Whether you purchase Bridge BUILT products on Black Friday, or any other day of the year, you can be assured that you’re paying the same price as everyone else. Final order cost will vary based on factors such as shipping or customization, but the price for each individual item is the same across the board. When you recommend Bridge BUILT to a friend, they will buy it for the same price that you bought it for just months before. 

We know customers talk – and we want them to. We don’t want that talk focused on who got the better deal, but on things that you will actually remember. We want you to be excited about the service you received, the overall quality of equipment, and the community you just joined, the #BridgeSquad!Every member of the squad is guaranteed to get the best quality equipment, no detail overlooked, backed by an unmatched level of service – all for the same price. We know our customers. They aren’t looking for cheap! They’re looking for the best.

It's our mission to offer the highest quality equipment to those passionate about training.

At Bridge BUILT we prioritize quality over everything. We don’t skimp on details. That’s what sets us apart. We use the best materials available, source every component possible from right here in America, and take extra steps to make products that aren’t just cookie-cutter replicas, but also visual statement makers. Simply put, we make the beefiest & baddest equipment in the game.

We value our team and believe in fair compensation. 

We have a powerhouse team here at Bridge BUILT and want to be sure that each person earns enough money to support themselves and their families. Not discounting our products helps us pay our staff a living wage and supports a good quality of life. It’s our hope that it also encourages our team to spend money supporting businesses in our local community.

We want a strong business long term. 

Negotiating discounts creates confusion, stress, and decreases reliability in a brand. It builds the perception that companies don’t believe in what they’re selling. We believe in Bridge BUILT products 100% and want our time spent with customers to be focused on growing trusted relationships and educating people about how our products deliver on their promises and exceed expectations. Our quality is uncompromising and so is our pricing.

We want to build quality, innovative, and BEEFY products while providing customers with the best service for years to come. One way to do that is to make life simpler for our customers and our staff.  Behind every big promotion is a stressed-out owner or accountant crunching numbers to calculate how many products must be sold by the end of the year, how many products were sold at a profit, how many at break even, and how many at a loss. Keeping pricing consistent means we can spend more time and energy on our core values: QUALITY, INNOVATION, and SERVICE!

Are there exceptions to your no discount philosophy?

We offer occasional store credits to customers who become affiliates for Bridge BUILT and promote our brand via social media and within their client communities. We only consider trusted, credible affiliates who are highly respected in the industry. Aside from these occasions, our pricing philosophy stays the same year-round helping us remain laser focused on what we do best – create innovative, unique, jaw dropping equipment. 

So, are you ready? You don’t have to delay your gains by waiting around for a promotion. We’ve always got a sweet deal for you – statement making equipment that reflects your own unique training style. Let’s Go! Shop Now

Stay Beefy! 💪🏾

🛠️ The Bridge Squad

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